Doors & Windows


Simulated Picture Window

Side angle view showing extended slab and window alcove

The window is low E and UV reflective to reduce glare from outside


Simulated Actual Picture Window area without framing structure constructed

strings are used for geometrical center reference


Rich Cassidy, John and Josh working on the support structure


Framework completed


Plywood and insulation is then constructed for the exterior of the framing


Then Tar paper placed on the outside



Steel Framework for window is welded in place and bolted to wood frame


See Geometry Section for basis of measurement ratio details



Finished Window






Simulated Bottom slidng glass doors 12 feet wide 4 section with the center slideable

Above Balcony 3 foot wide glass door has extended triangles on both sides to hide the
all thread 2nd story supports that extend down from the dome walls

(For air circulation through the balcony door above is accomplished with a vent above the door
that can be operated from the outside and may be augmented with fans to draw air from the rear door)




Sliding Glass Rear Door 6 feet wide 2 section

(For air circulation through this entry way the side windows have slide up screened openings)




Simulated construction of 3.5 Round upstairs bedroom window




Framed front metal door with center window slit

Brown rectangle represents hallway framing



Front door has 2 privacy glass windows on each side that allows natural lighting
into the Storage and Utility Rooms







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