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Feng Shui - Eva Wong - 9 Palaces

Determining Facing Direction (p172)
What is designated as the front facing is based on the characteristics of landform. The side of the house overlooking lower ground is normally designated as the front, regardless of the position of the entrances. If there are no visible landforms determining the facing orietation, then the front would be the front door.

In this case the view open to the valley below at SSU would be facing

Shape of House (p152)
Round or rectangular shapes are preferred because they are balanced and stable. Roundness smooths out harsh energy, and the rectangular and symmetrical shapes do not allow destructive energy to build up in corners.

Beneficial Mountain Environments (p127)
An area with green mountains is a desireable place to live. Gentle slopes and rounded tops are places of nourishing energy
Shifting shadow patterns on mountain slopes are signs of earth and sky energy copulating which creates nourishing energy. Therefore view of these patterns is very beneficial. Mist or cloud hugging on mountain slopes is a sign of energy being created and circulated.
Wispy layers of mist that partially covers a mountainside such locations are filled with power.

Temples (p141)
Where human and sacred meet. Cultivate body and mind to attain enlightenment.
Designed to gather energy so that the spiritual developement of persons living in these places can be enhanced.
A lone shrine perched on top of a rounded rock with sheer cliffs dropping down the edges, and a temple on a lege overlooking a steep slope are structures designed to effect the flow of energy. They work like valves in regulating the powerful flow of energy and are best situated on solitary peaks where there is maximum exposure to the energy swirling around the region.
Sometimes only enlightened individuals have enough foundation to withstand the onslaught of power.
They are best located in the "dip" of the spine of the dragon vein where the dragon is inhaling.
Built on gentle slopes in rolling hills, preferably overlooking a lake or a river with water dragon formations.



2 CCW = Fortunes enhanced regardless of its position relative to mountains and water. It is the most powerful combination.


9 Palaces - Facing SSU Mountain HAI



9 Palaces 3 Combination Orientation


Feng Shui - Tibetan Black Hat



Chart based on Magnetic North alignment


Occupants Birth Dates Excellent Direction are both North West



Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui Master Consultant




needs turtle at rear picture window, like a large flower bed with a bern
put foo dog or gargole or lion between 2 madrones at left of front door
put water fountain to the east of door and round out path to front door and round off sharp cliff edges. have red roses or other red plants in front court yard and remove dead looking trees and other dead stuff.
Have something to honor ancestors? deceased parents etc?

Interior Rooms
Bedroom place bed closer to HEALTH line as ergonomically practical and place head NW to align with front door alignment. In planter box at head of bed put plants that clean the air (11 types) and crystals.
Colors - black-grey-blue

Bathroom upstairs
keep bathroom door closed - have sink before toliet - keep lid closed - close overhead to contain air with spores etc.
Colors - warm earth tones

seating direction is good (Fang) Books in corner work well
Colors - black-grey ok?

Hand Railing
to avoid slicing effect of cables have sections in glass maybe?

Move oven to east wall - Make sure there is plenty of light
Colors - Warm earth tones

Make sure it is light, maybe a textured look on walls
Make it inviting, and have the utility & storage room doors closed so you don't see that when you first walk in
Colors - Not plain but with a special finish of texture for example. White or a light color of off white/grey

Great Room
Have marble tile in a grey with blueish accent - have ends of round center around crystal ball be rounded off instead of sharp termination
nothing symetrical around fireplace so it doesn't look like a face
You said something about putting something below the fireplace??
Have some other small furniture on the other side of room from couch
to counter the earth element 5 in the mountain star of the flying star facing palace you said wood which means small trees on both sides of the picture window could work for the wood element
Colors - White black and blue

Exercise Room
Not covered
Colors? warm earth tones?

Utility & Storage Rooms
Seldom used
Colors - Light Grey utility - Off White - Storage

Bathroom downstairs
keep bathroom door closed - have sink before toliet - keep lid closed
Color - warm earth tones



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