Space Energy Access Systems - The Search for Overunity Energy

Since Congressional Hearings were not granted to the Disclosure Project who had the scientists willing to come forth which have been working in highly classified black budget military projects that contain technologies that could allow the world to be no longer dependent on fossil fuel and nuclear and other polluting sources of energy.   Dr. Greer formed Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. (SEAS) which is in the process of identifying and testing new technologies that claim to be "over unity"; that is, they put out more electric power than is required to operate. The goal, utilizing a unique strategic approach, is to bring forth these new environmentally sound technologies to replace virtually all fossil fuel, internal combustion and ionizing nuclear technologies within 20-30 years.

Past History

Jan 2004: As a Technical Advisor for Space Energy Access Systems Inc. (SEAS) I have been traveling for the last nine months meeting with various inventors with Professor Loder CTO working with Dr. Steven Greer CEO.

The Device that started it all:

Jan 2003 Dr. Greer met with an inventor in the Caribbean. The device below is running on an Earth Battery powering the device on less than 1 watt of power, and is shown in foreground. The device in the white cylindrical housing is producing approximately 500 watts which is running a 300 and 100 watt bulb, a fan and a radio at 107 VAC 60 Hz using a rotational stator and rotor. This is one of the first devices that were investigated.   We are hoping in the future this will proceed productively with this inventor as many delays and complications have ensued to bring his technology to the world.

You can listen to the coast to coast radio broadcast online Here

Inventors face is digitized to protect his identity


Of the inventors I met with that were backed extensively in theory on their principles was Prof. Tom Bearden, John Bedini and Dr. Peter Lindemann.


Meeting with Prof Tom Bearden with Prof Loder (middle) Tom is an expert in this field and has an informative site His book "Energy from the Vacuum" is a masterpiece in this field.


John Bedini a legend in the over unity area has been doing this for over 30 years. He has designed audio amplifiers using a form of positive feedback. The Bedini amplifier has been top rated. John's website is The device in front of us is charging a totally dead car battery with radiant energy as Tesla spoke of.

Scope readings on machine in foreground measured with John Bedin's Tektronic Scopemeter


Dr. Peter Lindemann another long time researcher first became interested in the principles of Dr. Erwin Gray who made a free energy electric motor of 100 hp for an automobile. In studying the works of Nicola Tesla he wrote a book call "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity" describing how Gray's motor worked. Tom Bearden, John Bedini and Peter Lindemann (far left below) are collaborating together. Peter's site is Prof. Loder is observing John Bedini doing a demonstration.


Bedini's patent has reduced the principles effectively creating the radiant energy effect that were derived from various mechanical rotational magnetic motors driving a capacitor circuit. The real effect is in the capacitor alone and the below image shows a solid state battery charger that does essentially the same thing the mechanical devices do. Basically the chopper circuit steps up the voltage which is rectified and charges the capacitor, once the charge is reached the charging circuit is disconnected from the charging source and discharged to a certain percentage into the battery and the cycle repeats. What is happening is in the discharge, energy is pulled, according to Bedini, from the Dirac sea. Bedini stated that Tesla called this Radiant Electricity and the battery is not acting as a regular battery but more as a "radiant reservoir" for the radiance. Bedini in the future plans to market this technology as a "high efficiency battery charger" and from what I learned from Bedini is that this battery charger would be able to charge 100 batteries as easily as a single battery since it's principles are based on bringing in "radiant energy" versus the way a standard battery charger is designed.



Motionless Electromagnetic Generator by Prof. Tom Bearden

This device has been independently reproduced successfully and has produced OU of 5:1

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We are currently working on an energy device project.

The status or details can not be disclosed at this time.