Bringing Together Alternative Technologies for Greater Individual Freedom

In a world dominated by corporate energy empires that offer continually rising costs, not only to individuals, but costs to our environment as well. Many are seeking alternatives to liberate themselves and merge into a new paradigm of greater freedom, based on responsible choices to reduce the impact of living and it's associated costs.

We work with a number of cutting edge engineering consultants with the latest products to allow you to reduce your overhead and therefore bring greater freedom into your life. Contact us for a free analysis of your needs. You might be surprised at what solutions are available to you.


  • Energy Analysis of your Current Power Requirements
  • Design Solar, Wind and other Alternative Energy Systems
  • Methods to Reduce Transportation Fuel Costs
  • Space Heating and Cooling Alternatives
  • Lighting Solutions with the Latest LED Technologies
  • Effective Solutions for Reducing Communication Expenses
  • Custom Designed Electronic Monitoring and Control Solutions
  • Recommendations for Energy Efficient Appliances & Products


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